Meet the Author

Thanks for stopping by – I’m Erica!


I am a wife, mom, friend, teacher, and simple soul with a great desire to share and help others. This blog is a product of that desire, made with love in hopes that it allows other parents to feel like they aren’t alone in this crazy wonderful journey.

I am an elementary school teacher turned new stay-at-home mom.  There are many days I miss being in the classroom and fostering relationships with little minds, but to say I’m grateful for the opportunity to stay home is an understatement.  I’m told this season of parenthood is over if you blink, so we spend most of our days exploring our city and the outdoors, learning through play, dancing, reading about far off places, snuggling, making memories with other little friends, and laughing. The other days? Well, those are spent teaching how to navigate emotions in ways other than tantrums, getting duped into thinking we are ready for potty training, eating chocolate in the bathroom so I don’t have to share, trying to keep my fearless son in one piece, and practicing maximizing my patience reserves before they get down to empty.


I married my high school sweetheart a few years back and am in constant awe every day of the love, hard-work, loyalty, and laughter he brings to our family.  When we aren’t baby wrangling together we love a good happy hour, game nights, playing and watching sports, and over pouring our wine glasses. The guy is a freaking catch!


One of my personal hobbies is managing what I call my “Momtourage”.  Hundreds of moms with the same goal as myself: raising happy and healthy babies together through love and support.  You’ll hear me reference them pretty frequently, as they are my life line, sounding board, safe place, friends, and preservers of my sanity.  They’re pretty much the raddest betches around.

I’m a big supporter of ending these silly and obnoxious “Mommy Wars”.  Who has the time to really care what other people are doing anyway? Whoever you are, however you parent, and whatever your beliefs… as long as you as parent from love and are doing your best – you’ve got a fan here. I’m also a big advocate of moms having support throughout this journey.  It’s just too tough to do alone.  I’m always a comment away if you need!

If you like my page and choose to comment, let’s make a quick promise to each other.  You’ve never walked in my shoes, and I have never in yours – for this simple fact, we’ll keep all things friendly, supportive, respectful, and free from judgment.  Us moms need to stick together!



One thought on “Meet the Author

  1. Hi! I just wanted to say hi, and tell you that I found your blog and I like it. I wrote a post on my own blog a while ago called “Ode to my Yoga Pants” and I was curious to see what would come up if I googled that title. Well, of course I also found you! I’m glad I did. 🙂 I’m off to follow you on Facebook as well. (My blog is, and you’ll like it, I think. We keep it judgement and advice free, generally, which seems like it fits with your style!)

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