Little by Little, a Little Becomes A Lot

This one is a little different. It’s not going to be me sharing my experiences in hopes of connecting with the hearts of others. It’s not going to be me attempting to share what I think is a little pearl of wisdom in hopes of helping someone remember they are doing a wonderful job.

This one is just a reminder.  A reminder that you and I – we can make a difference.  No matter how small something feels, it makes a difference.  A reminder that giving and kindness don’t have a cost a penny, and that when you work with those around you — little by little, a little becomes a lot.  

Back in October I challenged my Momtourage to bring that phrase to life.  I wanted us all to give back in some way that makes a difference to someone — and boy did they deliver.  It wasn’t done for recognition, and it wasn’t done to make ourselves feel good (although it does!). Many of the acts don’t even have pictures to be included below. It was done because for all of us, there are little eyes watching and learning.  Little eyes seeing the example we set.  Little eyes that will hopefully grow up with an instilled passion for giving.

We are five days into this shiny new year, and while the “season of giving” has come to a close — your acts of kindness don’t have to.

Little by little, a little becomes a lot.

image1 (12)

Troops overseas received toddler made holiday cards and care packages. 

image12image1 (10)

Several families across the country received full Thanksgiving dinners. 


Time was donated by many, helping shelters get essential goods into the hands of those in need. 


image3 (3)IMG_2404IMG_2405image4 (1)image5 (1)

Families found those in need in their communities and did something about it. 




Kids cleaned out their playrooms and chose toys to donate to hospitals and shelters. 

image10image6 (2)image2 (4)

Time was donated, for the sake of building bonds with those in the community who may need it.  


IMG_1715image9 (1)

Families across the country were “adopted” — food, household goods, clothes, toys, and living essentials were donated.  

image14image1 (11)image10 (1)image11image13


And then the donations poured in for shelters across the country -diapers, wipes, formula, and household essentials. 

image9image3 (2)image6 (1)image7image8image8 (1)image2 (5)image7 (1)image5 (2)


Together, we were able to make a difference.

Next up: keeping this giving spirit alive from January to October. 🙂

image3 (4)

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