A New Year And A Big Thank You

I’ve never been a huge New Year’s Resolutions person.  I mean, sure, I think about them, but lets just call a spade a spade and agree that most of them fizzle out and go where resolutions die by February 1st.  Nonetheless, as I was doing my brief thinking about what I’d like to do better at in this new and promising 2014, I came up with my few staples.  Yeah – I’d love to hit my goal weight by Tayler’s first birthday and clean up my eating a little more.  And yes – I really need to commit more time to reading.  I enjoy it and its good for your soul.  Absolutely – I want to keep up the “constantly being reflective of all I have to be grateful for” attitude.  I’m actually getting really good at that one! YES – I need to work harder on those friendships (see my post from a few days ago). And maybe a few more I’ve already forgotten.

After the usuals passed through my stream of consciousness, I realized I didn’t have any that were mom related.  I sat there and felt kind of stumped as none of them really made sense as “resolutions”.  They were all things I tell myself I need to keep working at every. single. day.  They are all too important to wait for a new year, and they are all too important to be allowed to wander off to that resolution death trap. So, instead of thinking about “mommy resolutions”, I thought about what some significant mom moments for me were in 2013, and how I can either duplicate those in 2014 or simply continue them on.

Among other things that I won’t ramble on about tonight, I found that one of my significant mom experiences was starting this blog.  While I was hesitant to start it, I’m sure glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and did.  I wasn’t sure who would read it (still not sure if people do, ha!), I wasn’t sure if what I had to say was worth much to anyone, and I wasn’t sure if I was “qualified enough” to write a mom blog since I am still so new to this whole thing.  Then once I got going, I realized none of my initial concerns mattered. Writing this blog was for me, and writing this blog has made me a better mom.  It’s made me much more reflective of my every day experiences and choices, which in turn has made me happier, more honest and open, more in tune with my emotions, and more confident in this crazy adventure of being responsible for a tiny human.  That in itself has made writing this blog worth it.  And if you want a “mommy resolution” for 2014, consider to make it writing.  Whether it be in a notebook, journal, or blog, and no matter if anyone ever reads it but you, and no matter how good of a writer you think you are – write.  I bet you’ll be glad you did.

Fortunately for me, however, this blog has brought an added bonus.  My cherry on top.  YouYes, you.  I’ve gotten many messages over the past few months from women (and men!) that are in all stages in parenthood and have reached out to say they have connected with me in some way.  From the, “I’m not close to being a mom yet, but I enjoy reading what I have to look forward to”, to the “I’m about to be a new dad and secretly love to read your posts”, to the, “Oh my gosh I went through the same exact thing! This is what I did about it…”.  To all of you, I just wanted to give you a whole-hearted, deeply felt, thank you.  Not because you’ve read the blog, but because you’ve allowed me to share what has been the best journey of my life to date with you and connect with you in one way or another.  Those connections are what I love and live for, and I can’t wait to share more with you this year.  I know as a mom I don’t have it all together (do any of us?), but I can assure you that you’ve always got a friend here.  After all, isn’t life better when shared?

(Big thank you to my Momtourage, as always, for guiding me, lovingly supporting me, and being much of the inspiration for the blog as Warriors in Yoga Pants).


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