Car Seat Add-On Must

Its an image you never want to think about.  Getting into a car accident with your precious baby in the backseat.  Chances are it won’t happen, but the reality is we just never know.  Better to be prepared than not.

If you were to ever get in a wreck and become unconscious (or whoever it is driving the car), your baby would not be able to relay important information to a police officer or firefighter arriving at the scene.  When rescue workers go to get your child out of the vehicle, have that vital information visible for them.  Not only will it be incredibly helpful for the first responders, but when able, they will leave the baby in the car seat when taken to the hospital and it will be helpful for medical staff as well.

I’ve seen these online for purchase, but it seemed too simple to not type up yourself.  Doesn’t need to be fancy.  The information I included (add more to fit your personal needs), are:

  • Child’s name 
  • Child’s Date of Birth 
  • Address
  • Both Parents’ Names and Phone Numbers 
  • Emergency Contact and Phone Number 
  • Doctor’s Name and Phone Number
  • Any known allergies or medications taken by any family member 

I printed it off on blue paper so it stands out a little bit better, and put it on BOTH sides of the car seat with clear packaging tape.

Hopefully this information won’t be needed, but in the event of a crash I don’t want to take my chances!

image (13)

Below is a link to a sample sticker you can purchase online.


One thought on “Car Seat Add-On Must

  1. This is a great idea. I would think they would be able to get your information from your wallet though (I have all my kids health cards etc. in there in addition to my ID). Still its an easy DIY and better to be safe than sorry.

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