What Do I Do With All These Clothes?!

It’s no secret that one of the fun parts of being a mom is getting to dress up an adorable little butterball every single day.  After the baby showers and family and friends’ first times meeting your little one, I’m sure you noticed that his or her closet began to grow exponentially (if only my closet grew that quickly!).  Different sizes, styles, and brands filled drawer after drawer, and if you’re like me – finding a way to organize all these beautiful gifts seemed a little overwhelming.

The first mistake I made was taking sizes for their face value.  I kept all the newborn clothes with newborn clothes and all the 3 month clothes with all the 3 month clothes. Then one day I did the first cleaning/shuffling of her clothes, and realized baby sizes vary brand to brand just like women’s pants do.  It can be a nightmare. Before I was even aware, several of Tayler’s outfits were already too small and she never even got to wear them.  What a waste! Lesson was learned.  From then on, my organizing went by sight, not size.  Trust your eyes – you get very good very quick!

As she grew out of clothes, I realized I didn’t have a system for storing them.  They began to pile up on a shelf in her closet, and while I knew what those clothes were doing there, my husband did not.  Clothes I had already “discarded” were being recycled back in on accident.  Lesson was learned.  So, below is how I keep her clothes cycling through smoothly as she continues to grow at what can only be described as warp speed. I call it moving up and moving out.  We’ll start with the dresser.


Top Left: Current Onesies sorted by short/long sleeve and solid or patterned

Top Right: Diapers, Wipes, Burp Cloths

Middle Left: Current Bottoms (Shorts/Pants/Bloomers/Leggings)

Middle Right: Accessories (shoes/socks/hair/swim)

Bottom Left: Current Pajamas & Sleep Sacks

Bottom Right: All next size up clothes

At least every two weeks I quickly browse through her “next size up clothes” drawer and make sure there’s nothing that can be “moved up” into a current drawer.  And any time there’s a onesie or piece of clothing that makes me think it might be too small next time she wears it, I automatically put it in a storage bin in her closet.  If you thought it might be too small, it will be, and will just continue to take up space.  I’ve been keeping the storage bins in her closet, and always have one that is “open” to keep filling as she grows.  They look like this:


My thought is that when the time comes around that we either need them again for another little girl, to give away, or to sell at a sale, they will already be washed and sorted by size.  No future work needed! Once one is filled, I get another one to have open and ready. (And I’m clearly breaking my own rule, as I filled the 6 month one a few days ago and don’t have a new one yet!).  I chose these plastic bins as opposed to cute baskets because I imagine them finding a home in the basement storage room at some point, and are stack-able/durable enough to keep the clothes clean.  Everything has a clear defined home now, and it’s easy enough for my darling husband to keep track of! 🙂

Do any of you moms have ways of organizing clothes that works for you? I’d love to hear other suggestions!

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